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Top 5 Custom Richardson Hats with Leather Patches

04 Jul 2024

Introduction to Custom Hat Options

custom richardson 112 hats

We break down our top 5 choices for matching leather patches to Richardson Hats. This is purely our opinion of what we think looks the best. See if you agree and let us know in the comments what you would choose.

At Top Custom Hats, we are a Kansas City-based company that’s family-owned and we specialize in laser-engraved leather patch custom hats. Today, I’m going to go over my top five favorite styles of hats and favorite color combos for leather patches.

Hat Model Color Scheme Unique Features Ideal For
Richardson 112 Loden with Khaki Mesh Earth-tone, Khaki Mesh Breathable, Nature Designs Outdoorsy Individuals
Richardson 115 Heather Navy Heather Navy Sophisticated Look, Striking Patches Casual Elegance
Richardson 257 Loden Green Solid Loden Leather Strap, Brass Clasp Vintage Charm Seekers
Richardson 115 with Amber Bill Amber Bill Lower Structure, Versatile Patches Relaxed Fit
Richardson 112 Red Front with Black Mesh Red Front, Black Mesh Bold Look, Snapback Sports Fans

So I’ve got a little bit of a mix here, some different colors and some different fits and styles.

Versatile Hat Choices for Leather Patches

Richardson 112 Loden with Khaki Mesh

The Richardson 112 Loden with Khaki Mesh is a favorite among outdoorsy individuals. This hat is perfect for those who love hiking or spending time in nature. Its earth-tone color scheme makes it versatile and easy to pair with various outfits. The khaki mesh adds a breathable element, making it comfortable for extended wear. We often customize this hat with unique designs that resonate with nature lovers, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy the great outdoors.

custom richardson 112 hat

Richardson 115 Heather Navy

Next up is the Richardson 115 Heather Navy. This hat stands out due to its excellent fit and sharp appearance. The heather navy color gives it a sophisticated look, but it does come with a small caveat. If you frequently wear denim, this hat might blend in a bit too much with your jeans. However, its overall aesthetic and comfort make it a top pick for many. The leather patches on this hat look particularly striking, adding a touch of elegance to its casual style.

custom Richardson 115 hats

Richardson 257 Loden Green

The Richardson 257 Loden Green is a unique hat with several standout features. Unlike the other hats, this one is a solid loden color, giving it a warm and cohesive look. It also comes with a leather strap and brass clasp, adding a touch of vintage charm. The metal grommets and large front panel make it ideal for displaying bigger logos. This hat offers versatility in bill shape, allowing you to curve it to your liking. Its unique design elements make it a distinctive choice for those looking for something different.

Richardson 115 with Amber Bill

The Richardson 115 with Amber Bill is another excellent option. This hat has a lower structure, which means it doesn’t sit as high on the head, giving it a more relaxed fit. The amber bill adds a pop of color, making it visually appealing. We typically use genuine brown leather for the patches, but black leather, vanilla, or mustard gold are also available. This hat’s versatile design makes it compatible with various leather patch colors, allowing for a range of customization options.

Richardson 112 Red Front with Black Mesh

Lastly, we have the Richardson 112 Red Front with Black Mesh. This hat is perfect for game days or Red Fridays in Kansas City. The red front and black mesh create a bold, eye-catching look. We often use black leather patches with cut-out numbers, which are then stitched on to create a unique design. The snapback feature ensures a great fit, making it a comfortable and stylish choice for sports fans and those who want to show off their team spirit.

Hat Model Popular Use Cases Customer Feedback
Richardson 112 Loden with Khaki Mesh Hiking, Nature Outings Comfortable, Versatile
Richardson 115 Heather Navy Casual Wear, Denim Outfits Sophisticated, Comfortable
Richardson 257 Loden Green Vintage Style, Logo Display Unique, Customizable
Richardson 115 with Amber Bill Relaxed Fit, Custom Colors Visually Appealing, Versatile
Richardson 112 Red Front with Black Mesh Game Days, Team Spirit Bold, Eye-catching

Final Thoughts and Customer Engagement

These are my top five picks for hats that pair well with leather patches. Each hat offers something unique, whether it’s the fit, color, or design elements. At Top Custom Hats, we love creating custom hats that meet our customers’ visions. If you have any questions or want to create your own custom hats, We look forward to helping you bring your ideas to life.

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